Application Development
* Exlvis Solutions develops new software based on a broad set of platforms and environments.
* This service provides the development of unique technology solutions for client tasks that encompasses the full development
  lifecycle from establishing client goals,requirement analysis, coding, testing and system deployment. Likewise the service may
  provide resources,expertise, IT infrastructure and support, reused components and tools that may reduce the development time
  as well as development methodologies and an appropriate client engagement model that are aligned with client needs and
Application Maintainances
* This service provides preventive, refining or repairing services of software systems. Preventive maintenance may include
  system refurbishing, re-factoring and renewing and is facilitated by failure analysis which helps to devise appropriate design
  improvements, and the use of diagnostic instrumentation to anticipate potential problems.
* Day-to-day maintenance activities are commonly termed "routine" maintenance and include system performance check-ups,
  testing, minor problem fixing and similar activities. Thus, the Maintenance service ensures operable conditions of software
  application systems according to client’s operation requirements or/and provides system enhancements on client request.

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